The Harpsichord Project

Besides being an important solo instrument with a wide range of repertoire spanning the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the harpsichord is also an important member of the continuo section, which provides the bass and harmonic grounding and accompaniment to Baroque music.

There are very few harpsichords in Malaysia, and all are in private of corporate ownership. We would like to make this instrument more accessible, more open to the public, and just played more often.

In 2017 we resolved to acquire a harpsichord for this purpose, and we quickly found that the most cost-effective way (indeed the only financially-viable option for us) was to build a single manual harpsichord ourselves from parts supplied by The Paris Workshop, which is a leading maker of these remarkable instruments.

The harpsichord we are building is modelled after an original by Ruckers.

Harpsichord Specifications

RANGE: 56+1 notes (GG to dā€™ā€™ā€™) transposable to A=392,
415 and 440
DISPOSITION: Two 8ā€™ registers
DIMENSION: 205cm X 84cm X 27cm (excluding stand)
STAND: The harpsichord may be dismounted and
the stand is collapsible
LID: Lid is removable